Hi, I’m Dawn. I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer and the first to introduce “The Diet Doc” programme into the UK enabling me to offer you the best complete package to achieve your weight and fitness goals.

If you are male or female, between 16 to 80 years of age then I offer a one on one training service whether it be for motivation, rehabilitation, sports specific, weight loss or weight gain. If you want to look good on the beach, be the belle of the ball or run that 10k without being out of breath then let me help you reach that goal. All training is carried out in a private studio.

Trust me, I do know what it’s like!

Unlike many Personal Trainers I am not a young fresh-faced individual who has never had a weight problem or doesn’t understand what it's really like to struggle with yoyo dieting for many years. Having been there, seen it, done and got numerous t-shirts for it, I can totally understand why many find it difficult to lose weight. However, because of this, I take no prisoners because if I can do it, so can you.....READ MORE

Weight Loss

Diet Doc

Work with a qualified professional who can help you understand nutrition and what’s best for YOUR body


Why Use a P.T.?

There are many reasons why you would want to use a Personal Trainer!

  • You dislike training in public gyms
  • You need motivation to get in shape
  • You would like a new routine to do in your current gym
  • You would like someone to monitor your progress
  • You would like a diet to suit your personal taste and lifestyle

Why Exercise?

Exercise has other health benefits in addition to weight control and general keep fit. 

Improved control of diabetes type 2
Improved blood pressure
Improved insulin sensitivity
Improved cholesterol levels
Improved self esteem, resulting in a reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety
Reduced risk of some cancers