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Workshops start next week

Just a reminder that the \\\"50 Days to Your Best Life\\\" workshops start next week. The course of workshops is over 8 weeks and costs just £25 a week. This is a fabulous opportunity to experience the Diet Doc Programme developed by Dr Joe Klemczewski.

The starting date is Wednesday 9th March at 1.30 pm and will continue on a weekly basis at the same time with the exception of 30th March (Easter week) for a total of 8 weeks with the final date being 4th May.

The funfilled workshops will offer a condensed version of The Diet Doc programme ( and whilst there will be some interaction required from yourself I will aim to show you how to become your own private diet coach for life meaning you\\\'ll never follow another \\\"diet\\\" ever again!

If any of the following apply to you then these workshops could be just what you need. 

  • Tried “every” diet imaginable and still struggle to lose weight
  • Believe you shouldn’t eat after 6pm (or other time)
  • Believe you need to cut out carbs to lose weight
  • Eat “healthy” but still can’t lose weigh
  • Believe you shouldn’t eat fruit because of the sugar content
  • Think your metabolism is too slow

During the workshops we will :

  • Dispel many myths about losing weight
  • Provide you with “tools and techniques” to see where exactly you need to improve your diet
  • Show you how to continue to eat the foods you enjoy and lose weight
  • Teach you some simple tricks into improving and maximising your metabolism
  • Teach you how to be flexible and not restricted with your diet
  • Show you how to use your weight as a factor rather than an emotional trigger
  • Provide an insight into how your emotions and environment can affect your food choices

Get a free copy of our latest publication \\\"50 Days to Your Best Life\\\". 

Limited places are available to allow greater interaction between the attendees and myself.

If you can\\\'t make the stated time but would like to attend another workshop to suit your availability then just let me know when and I will do my best to accomodate your needs.

If you would like more information about this event please contact me. Or buy your tickets HERE


Weight Loss Workshop

I am hosting a workshop offering a condensed version of The Diet Doc programme. The workshop starts in March.

The workshop will enable you to....

1) Investigate your own diet in detail and highlight how to improve it to maximise your weight loss

2) Become your own private "nutritionist" meaning you'll never need to follow any other "diet plan" ever again

3) Continue to enjoy the foods you love whilst still losing weight

4) Arm you with the knowledge to maintain your weight loss

5) Manipulate your food intake to maximise your metabolism forever


Follow this link to purchase tickets or contact me should you be interested in future events.


Weight Loss workshop

A little update

As you can probably gather I'm not the worlds best at keeping this blog up dated!! I would say I'll make sure I post regularly but no doubt I will slip back into bi-annual updates again!

In an attempt to expand on the general population side of The Diet Doc, I am looking at introducing an 8 week long workshop offering a condensed version of our programme in a small group setting (6 people). The plan is to help you critically analyse your own diets and show you how to manipulate your food to maximise your weight loss whilst still eating the foods you enjoy. The first workshop will start in March and if you'd like to be a part of it please contact me for more information.

Since my last blog I have also expanded my dietary services with The Diet Doc and now offer bodybuilding competition preparation. Most of my contacts on social media are "bodybuilders" so I decided I wanted to help spread the word about the process used by myself under the guidance of Joe Klemczewski. I am now a "Peakologist" as we are called on the team and have as much help and guidance as we need from Dr Joe in helping our customers achieve their best condition. So not only do you get myself as a regular contact you also have the reassurance that Dr Joe and his 20+ years experience are looking after your best interests and helping you keep your preparation as stress free as possible.


Weight to go :-)

My Personal Training sessions are the most full they have ever been! I realised I was not marketing my strengths as a PT. I thought if I pushed weight training too much I'd be frightening off a lot of my customer base. However, since I have started to push that side of things a little more I seem to have attracted even more people! I am not aware of any other female PT in my area that can claim to have the same length of experience as myself in weight training as well as reaching the levels of competition that I have achieved. And much as I hate to admit this but I think my age can also be an advantage as I understand the weight issues as we get a little older and the hormonal battles women can face!

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't expect anyone to be powerlifting or Olympic lifting but I do help my customers to empower their own strength and build up their weak areas. As we grow older our muscles deplete, so gaining as much as we can before we get too old can certainly slow down that maturing effect and help keep us looking more who can argue with that? Women in particular don't like the thought of having muscles yet they want to have "toned" legs and arms. Well, guess what? The "toning" is what happens when the muscles develop and the fat reduces.....if you have "bingo wings" but slender arms, that's because you haven't got the muscle development beneath the skin! The only way that is going to happen is by lifting weights! My current ladies all love the shape they can now see developing in their arms and shoulders and love having less "wobble"....

Not only do I help my customers empower their strength but the diet programme I offer will also help them empower their eating! The Diet Doc programme actually helps people become more aware of their own nutritional journey through one on one caoching by myself and online information files from MP3 clips, video clips and PDF files. You've heard the saying "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" well we remove the danger! Once you have followed our process you will realise that you can't "get shredded in 12 days" and all those other messages out there to lure those desperate to lose weight. Our process will equip you with the knowledge, the tools and the "power" to keep this weight off for the rest of your life. As a The Diet Doc clinician I also have the backing of the founder of the diet Dr Joe who has over 20 years experience in the diet industry and we also have, a Mental Health Counseller, a medical Doctor, a registered Dietitian to hand. Not many Personal Trainers (if any) can offer you that full support.

So what are you, waiting for? Every day you delay is a day further away from living your best life. You've nothing to lose. Drop me a line and see what I can do for you.

Quick fixes scams once again!

I know I've posted about this before but it really does need to be done!

It quite saddens me that many people who are desperate to lose weight will fall for the scams. These scammers know how vulnerable people can be and they prey on those who are looking for the latest quick fix!

Just this morning I saw a promoted tweet for "magic diet pills". I immediately replied to the tweet, and retweeted it with comments about it being a scam in the hope that I may help prevent at least one person falling for this! By no surprise I was blocked from reading anymore of their tweets!! Of course that does not stop me using their twitter name and alerting others!!

This company works by offering a "free trial" you just pay £2.95 for the postage.....sounds great doesn't it? No risk, I'm sure it's worth a less than a fiver!! (NOT) What most people fail to do is read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS!! Within the T&C it states that unless you cancel your trial within 14 days they will charge you the full amount of £79.95!! Not only that, they will continue to debit your card each month....oh but don't worry......they do continue to send you the pills THAT DON'T WORK!!

The company have promoted under many different guises from what I've seen so please be aware of anything being offered for free....if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!


This is the link to the website that was promoted on the tweet.

You click on the link on that page that takes you to "rush my free trial" and are immediately taken to THIS page

Now scroll to the bottom of THAT page and click on terms and conditions!!

This is the first paragraph

OFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you'll be shipped a 30 day supply of Super Ketone Plus (just pay £2.95 Shipping & Handling) you will receive your product 2-3 days after your initial order date by Royal Mail Tracked Delivery (please allow for weekends). If you feel Super Ketone Plus is not for you, cancel within 14 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £79.95 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Super Ketone Plus and charge you £79.95. You may cancel at any time by calling our Customer Service: 


Why I do what I do!

I posted this on my Facebook page but thought it would be worthwhile sharing on here as it explains about my experiences and why I got into doing what I do!!



We live in a world where everyone thinks they're right, thinks their way of doing things is the right way and they consider that because they're successful in what they do that everyone should be able to follow suit.

The diet industry is exactly the same. Surely if these commercial diet clubs were the solution we would be seeing less of the growing weight issues but we aren't. These "cookie cutter" diets don't consider people as individuals with their own individual needs.

Even within the bodybuilding industry there are many opinions on how to gain that stage condition. Zero carbs, high carbs, fish and rice cakes, high fats, low fats, fasted cardio, lots of cardio, high intensity cardio.

I've tried out many diets and funnily enough never had weight issue until I first dieted! And that was for a show in my 20s when all I ate was 2oz cod, a small baked potato with salad for 3 meals and that was it!! Thank goodness the sport has progressed!!

I stopped competing for 15 years and this is when my serious weight problems started. I resorted to a diet club. It worked but it didn't teach me all you want as long as it's on a green page.....where on earth is the portion control lesson in that!? It's now clear to me that this method works because it limited the fat you could have and limited the "processed" type of food that is usually loaded in calories whether from carbs or fats and "treats" were limited. However, this form of dieting only took me to a certain point....I never got to my "goal". Thank heavens I started weight training again.

However, the severe diets I've followed since being in my 40s in order to compete left me with immense lack of will power in between shows......I know some people have great willpower/self control and preach about that's all it takes but I don't think unless you have lived the life of the person you are "preaching" to, you can't totally understand the psychology of what's going on. I've fluctuated 4 stones between shows which then meant a more restricted diet the next time round. To say I entered this world of bodybuilding to get in shape, it actually left me in a much worse state than before. I certainly don't blame the guys who helped and supported me through all this, without them I couldn't have done it but once they slackened the leash.....I was off!!

I wanted to compete again last year and knew I needed to find a better way. I'd heard all this talk about flexible dieting. A quick search led me to Joe Klemczewski. He was the guy who first got Layne Norton onto the stage. I just had to see if he would be prepared to help me......he was and I never looked back.

Since being guided by Joe and his business partner Kori I've learned heaps about dieting, thought I knew a lot before but I was missing the vital links. I know super high carbs don't work for me but I dieted on higher carbs than I'd ever done before and believe it or not with less cardio and certainly no fasted cardio every morning. In fact it was quite nice lying in bed reading all the posts on FB from my iPad about those up and about at 5am and sometimes earlier getting their stuff done. I am now 6 months out from my last show and still just 2 sizes up rather than 5 and maintaining this with relative ease.

I now appreciate that you can lose weight for general purposes or competing without having to "suffer". You don't need to cut carbs, (and let's face it, we all love carbs) but you need to find the perfect balance for you. 

Having been "taught" by the man who I consider to be one of, if not the best in the industry, I signed up to work in Joe's team and have been helping people lose weight quite successfully since. I love what I am doing so much I recently decided to extend my contract to competition preparation, working with Team K. I feel I need to spread his method for those like me who fluctuate too much between shows, for those who suffer endless hours of cardio, or for those who hate having to eat nothing but fish and rice etc.

It's all about FLEXIBILITY not rigidity.

So if you or someone you know like I've described above, or someone who just generally wants to lose weight. Please put them in touch with me on

Edit: I'm quite happy to do online consultations (it worked well enough for me) but you must be good at communicating frequently smile emoticon

Grab our offer while you can. 50% introductory discount!

 Do you run out of fingers and toes when you count the number of different diets you have tried?We at The Diet Doc have a unique programme “The 50 day system” that will ensure you will never need to “diet” again.The 50 day system will empower you with the knowledge to reach your goals and maintain them for life. We provide not only one on one coaching but weekly online facilities in the form of MP3 files, articles and video clips as well as a comprehensive guide to exercise in the form of easy to follow video clips with embedded written instructions. To help spread the word and show the world how successful this programme can be, we are offering a one off opportunity of an introductory 50% discount until the 10th March.It’s time to forget the diets that just tell you what to eat until you're bored….bite the bullet and learn for yourself to take charge of your life for good!!If you are local to me and want a free consultation or simply want to know more details, please feel free to PM me or mail me direct at dawn@thedietdoc.comAlternatively, if you are ready to sign up, register on the website and let me know so that I can be assigned your personal coach. 



50% discount available until 10th March

As a one off special offer to celebrate the release of the new online system The Diet Doc is offering a 50% for the first 50 days. This is a huge saving and a great opportunity to see what we can do for you. If you do decide to register please let me know so that I can ensure I am assigned as your coach.



One for parents!

Recently I saw a young girl, possibly only 5 years old who I would consider to be overweight. Now of course I’m not aware of any illnesses this child may have so for the purpose of this, I’ll just use the suggestion that her weight is as a result of her diet. Her Mother was also overweight and yes, she may be content in herself so I am not judging by any means. But this situation got me wondering…


Do parents with overweight children ever see them as being overweight? 


If they do, do they care? 


Perhaps they think they will lose it when they reach puberty? 


Do they feed their child the type of diet they do because it’s all they will eat so it’s for peace of mind for themselves? 


Could we consider this latter example to be selfish? 


Or, if they themselves are overweight do they just not realise?


I’m not a parent so I can’t comment on how I would perceive my child but I do think one thing we will all agree on is that it is totally wrong to expect any 5 year old to be put on a weight loss diet!


There are many factors that we need to consider here though.


Do you as a parent lead by example in both your food intake and activity levels? If all your child sees is you sat in front of the TV each night with a box of chocolates then they will perceive this to be the norm!


Do you reward your children with sweets? Offer them a biscuit when they’ve fallen down? Give in to them when they throw themselves on the floor in a screaming tantrum because they want a Mc takeaway? Do you take the time out to cook a meal or simply throw a pizza in the oven because you haven’t time to “chop things up” as your soap is on in 30 minutes?


I’ve heard people relate to parents as being abusive when their child is overweight…..I’m not sure I’d agree with that as a term but it certainly is the responsibility of the adult in the relationship to enlighten that child with healthy habits in terms of food and activity. Could it be considered “neglect” if they don’t? 


Some people seem to think it’s the responsibility of the teachers…..certainly nothing wrong in having nutritional education (home economics as it was when I was at school) and physical education to encourage a liking for activity but that has to be tailored to what each child enjoys…I hated netball and hockey, but once I got older and discovered weight training, I’d found my “sport”. There will be an activity each child will enjoy, it may be dancing, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, running, a team sport etc. There is so much to choose from.


What happens to us in childhood can stay with us into adulthood and path out our own way of thinking. I have memories of my own parents forever “dieting” only to put it all back on again and then lose it for the next holiday. This told me that it was ok to yoyo diet and that being in shape was only for an end purpose such as a holiday or a wedding. But, what about being fit and healthy all year round, surely that would be better than having to restrict yourself for a length of time each time you have a special date coming up?


My parents would also comment if I didn’t want to eat all the food on my plate “Think of all those starving children in Africa”. As an adult, I would then start to have guilty feelings about leaving anything on my plate. I’d been encouraged to “overeat” as I may have been fully satisfied as a child wanting to leave food on my plate but this certainly didn’t seem to be considered. I now make sure I portion control so I don’t get that guilty feeling or I rebel as an adult if I do need to leave some food!!


“If you don’t eat all that you won’t get your supper”. Rewarding me with more food for eating food I perhaps didn’t need!! 


I was also taught to “get your next forkful ready whilst your chewing that mouthful”. That makes one eat much more quickly. There is a time lapse from the stomach to the brain to signal a satisfied feeling so slowing down the eating can actually help you reduce calories by simply allowing time for that signal to reach the brain before you finish that meal or indulge in a dessert.


I’m sure if you set your own mind to it you can think of similar examples. Put yourself as an adult in that situation and learn to take control of your feelings.


I am led to believe that over the years schools have dropped the typical home economics type education where basic cooking skills and basic nutritional information was taught. This has certainly led to many adults leaving school without a clue how to cook or balance a meal especially if they themselves didn’t get one at home for whatever the reason may have been. Many parents have careers or jobs that mean they work long hours and it’s just so easy these days to throw a ready made meal into the oven. They don’t take the time to learn how to cook a healthy meal which certainly does not need to take a lot of preparation nor a long time to cook. The cycle then continues!


When I started my personal training, I coached one couple into eating better. They would shop at weekend for frozen meals for the whole week. I helped them write out a shopping list for the ingredients to cook the same meals from scratch and showed them where to find the recipes. They switched to getting their food delivered and the time they would normally spend shopping they spent cooking for the whole week, therefore it didn't take any extra time out of their schedule. Not only did this give them some quality time together developing a new skill but they soon discovered the love of cooking and the better flavours they could achieve this way than that from the frozen variety. In one week alone, she lost 7lbs and he lost 9lbs!! No change of diet, just a new way of preparing!


I am by no means intending to judge or insult any parents. I know it can be a difficult task to get children to eat “good” food but if that difficulty lies in not knowing about food yourselves then please seek help. Help your children live a long and healthy life by giving them the nourishment they deserve.


I’d be interested to hear from some parents on how they have coped or difficulties they have got or maybe their own experiences from childhood so please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately.

Exciting new changes ahead!

Exciting changes are happening at The Diet Doc! Next week we are launching a complete novel on-line system to help further enlighten our customers on losing weight and sustaining that weight loss forever. 


This is not just unique to the UK but is possibly unique worldwide also!! Not only do you hire me as your “nutrition guide” but you also have this fantastic online programme to follow week by week to empower you with the knowledge on metabolism, emotional eating and self control, flexible eating, meal planning, to mention just a few topics!! These are a mix of articles to read, videos to watch and mp3 files to listen to. Of course there is absolutely no obligation to listen to any of these but the more you do the more engaging you will find the programme for your own permanent success.


You’ve no doubt heard the saying “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” right?? I also think this is appropriate to losing weight successfully although I think it needs rewording to “a little knowledge leads to failure”. 


If you have found that you fail time and time again to lose the weight and keep it off, do you know why? If you understood why then surely you could avoid making those mistakes again? Yes, you may know it’s because you’re eating too much once again but do you know what’s driving you to over eat again? Do you understand why you have those cravings and want to know how to avoid them? Do you want to know the right amount of food to eat for your body type, your activity level, your metabolic capacity etc etc. This is something that many other diets don’t consider and they encourage everyone to “sing from the same hymn sheet”.


So if you’re ready to take on a new challenge and learn how to stop dieting forever maybe The Diet Doc programme can be just what you need.



If you want to learn more about the programme and how it will relate to you as an individual then please do get in touch for a free consultation.

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