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Having a bit of a rant (again)!

Most of us know about the scams going round. Many of them via email saying you need to log into your bank account immediately because there has been some suspicious activity etc. The usual one which makes me laugh is someone tells you that you have inherited millions of dollars and all you have to do is give your bank details to get the money transferred.

The Diet industry is wide open to the biggest scams as they play on our utmost desire to lose weight to be trim and healthy. I've seen today one of the raspberry ketones/coffee bean websites proclaiming you can lose over 2 stone in just 4 weeks? I mean come on people, do you REALLY believe this?? Do you SERIOUSLY not think such products would be snapped up by the medical profession to finally rid the world of the obesity crisis?? The next time you see such a website have a look at the testimonials. On this particular site that I'm referring to, there is a tweet with a photo saying "Lost 3.0 stone in 6 weeks! Let's hit the beaches. #bikinitime #RaspberryKetonesWorks" I decided to look this person up on Twitter.....yes, the account exists but there are NO tweets, NO photos. Clearly a misleading and inaccurate testimonial.

So the next time someone offers you a quick fix, a try for free offer, think twice. The sooner you start on a scientifically proven weight loss plan the sooner your weight will fall and if that programme is sustainable then you will maintain that loss for life.

New Facebook Page

I finally got round to adding a Facebook page. If you're on Facebook, please head over to "like" my page and keep up to date with the whole business of The Diet Doc and not just my sole input :-)

Facebook page

The Diet Doc is changing....exciting times ahead. We are introducing a new online portal system so there will be much more interaction on line as well as my personal support for everyone who signs up. Training is still underway on this but there's nothing to stop you taking the plunge now. So if you've started with your new years resolution and it's not going to plan, get in touch for me to help you on the right path.



Tv programmes!!

I've just finished watching the Katie Hopkins "documentary" where she was being filmed putting on weight to show just how easy it is to lose it. Anyone not familiar with Katie, you need to be aware she's a very outspoken person and very much disliked by many. She hates fat people!! (her words not mine). 

It was clear from the offset that Katie has a very good metabolism. Increasing her calorific intake to over 4000 calories a day, she struggled to put on weight.....that would be a dream to many. In the end she was eating over 6000 to gain the weight for the experiment. I know for me if I ate that much that I would achieve that weight gain in a month let alone the 3 months she was aiming for. She then gave herself a further 3 months to lose it all again.

Unsurprisingly she found the extra weight a burden when she started to run again. She unscientifical showed by using some volunteers to join her on the journey that by eating less and moving more it is indeed possible to lose weight. However, on one of her health checks the Doctor advised her that she was losing muscle mass. Now this is the last thing we want to do when losing weight and often (but not solely) means the calories are too low, the macronutrients proportions are not corect (low carb diets for example) or we are over exercising. Losing muscle mass reduces your metabolic rate.

Katie had a good reason to lose this weight, she had a lot of motivation, she had a lot to prove. However, it's not that simple for everyone else. I feel she didn't touch on the psychological side enough. She certainly didn't cover anything about nutrition (not that she's qualified for it but surely they could have brought in an "expert") nor did she even discuss anything about exercise. It was a blunt point she was trying to prove, yes she did but she still left lots of gaping holes that doesn't really help those struggling.

One thing the programme got me wondering about was that regarding those who opt for surgery and the cost to the NHS. I think many go into surgery "blind" and don't realise they will have lots of loose hanging skin once they drop the fat. One lady on the show was quite happy about hers but I've known some be pretty emotional and wish they'd never lost the weight. Sadly after the surgery, you're on your cosmetic surgery to lift up that tummy or remove the flaps under your arms. I wonder how many people would be more enthused to take on their own weight loss challenge if the incentive for cosmetic surgery was offered rather than the bariatric option? Would that work??

Are you starting on yet another new diet?

New Year. New start? How many times have you started a new diet? How many times do you go through the festive season thinking you’ll lose all the weight gained once the New Year starts? How many times have you given up pretty soon only to go through the same old cycle again and again and that’s after having a few more new starts during the year itself! Do you ever ask why do we do this to ourselves? Wouldn’t it be good if we learned a way to control our eating and yet still enjoy the foods we like without piling on the pounds?


I have seen so many comments on social media sites of people who are starting juice diets, getting ready to join a gym or even starting at the slimming club (for the third or fourth time in some cases!!). Far too many comments about people wanting “quick fixes”. The following is a quote from one lady which I think sums up pretty much how many people feel.


“I am not one of these people who want to come home from work and start peeling potatoes and chopping onions and putting in a pinch of this or a pinch of that. I want to come home, open oven, slam something in and 20 minutes later it is ready for eating.”


In general we don’t seem to care about ourselves enough anymore to invest a little time in our health and we want the results NOW! The problem with these quick fixes is they don’t lead to long term results and if anything they can make our weight gain much worse by slowing down our metabolism and we simply pile on more weight once we start to eat “normal” again.


If you have a weight issue you need to realise it’s not an illness that can simply be fixed but a chronic condition that needs long term attention and in most cases a life time solution. 


Don't look for a "diet" aim to eat healthy wthin your own personal limitations that you are able to sustain for the rest of your life. This doesn't mean never having chocolate or a glass of wine again or depriving yourself for that long that you end up gorging. Be sensible, don't be fooled. If those tablets really did work we wouldn't still be looking at the levels of obesity we have in the world!

Happy New Year

Gosh, it's been a long time since I updated this!!

I have lots to say so rather than waffle it all out in one post, I'll separate some issues that have been plaguing me!

In the meantime, my show is obviously over and we had a wonderful holiday in San Fransciso after the show.

I didn't place in the competition but I loved every single minute of it. The girls in the line up were pretty huge to say the least and made me feel pretty small. Also not helped by the fact that they put me between the two tallest ladies in the class!

So now it's back in the gym to grow and decide whether to step on stage later this year, leave it until next year or am I ready to hang up my bikini? Not this space.

Have a wonderful 2015, I hope it's filled with joy for you all.

Miami Baby!!

Here I am in sunny Miami!!

It's been a while since I competed but I'm back on stage on Saturday. It's been a long journey but it's also been a fabulous one. I've taken my time dieting down and it has not felt like a chore at any stage. I'm looking the best I've ever done with thanks to The Diet Doc's very own Joe Klemcsewski and Kori Propst who have been my personal diet and training coaches for the last 12 months. I just can't wait to see the "finished product"

On the home front, my new studio is complete and new equipment installed so I can now offer a more diverse range of training. I will be arranging a new free workshop on my return to keep me busy. If anyone has any topics they'd like me to present on please message me via the website/twitter or email.

Wish me luck x

Dietary supplement scam warning.

Oops, been a while since I updated.

Life has been busy but exciting. I have upgraded my studio which will soon be complete and I'll be in a position to offer even more variety in my personal training sessions. 

On a personal level my training for the upcoming competition in Miami is going well. I am further ahead at this stage than I've ever been during my preparation and I can already see the improvements I've made since I was last on stage. I know the next few weeks are going to be hard but in comparison to how I've prepared before this should be nothing to complain about.

As you will see from the title of this blog, I want to talk about a scam out there that has just affected someone I know. It's a company offering supplements on a free trial (you pay postage only) that you then have to cancel within 14 days or they will then charge you the full amount and continue to do so on a monthly basis. The products are BEYOND RASPBERRY KETONES and NUTRA GREEN COFFEE BEANS. I do believe there is a possibility of there being varitions on the product names so just beware of any "free" trials. There have even been reports of people taking up the free offer and cancelling in time for the company to still debit the accounts. We are also not just talking a few pounds, the amounts have been approx £80 per bottle of supplements!! Not only are you ripped off with the cost but you're also ripped off with a product that does not even have scientific evidence that it works and of course, anything that also claims "only effective as part of a weight loss and exercise programme" means it's not even that which is playing a role. Please guys, double check before you purchase anything off the net. If it sounds too good to be no doubt is!!



Why eating carbs can actually help you lose weight!!

Calories in, calories out—simple math, eh?  There’s another part of the calorie balance sheet that you may not be aware of.  Diet-induced thermogenesis can add 5 to 15 % more to the calorie outflow bottom line.   Your resting metabolic rate makes up 60 to 70 % of your energy output and activity adds 20 to 30 %.


Let me explain.  When food is consumed, it requires energy to digest and assimilate the nutrients.  Each macronutrient has a different effect on metabolism based on their diet-induced rate of thermogenesis.  Protein has the greatest thermic effect at 20 to 30 %.  It takes 20 to 30 % of the calories consumed from a protein source to actually digest and assimilate the macronutrient.  Recall that energy is a measurement of heat, or heat loss.  A high thermic effect of a food or meal shows a higher level of work is being done to digest that food.  Ever sweat after eating a large meal?  Fat has the lowest thermic potential at barely up to 5 %.  Carbs have a bit of a range, being measured at 5 to 30 %.  I contend there’s more to the story with carbohydrates—a lot more.  Actually, it’s the reason behind the large range of measured thermic effect and it’s one of the greatest secrets to weight loss—especially in the anti-carb movement we’re living in.


The resurgence of low-carb/ketogenic diets has created a generation of people who assume carbs make you fat.  Excess carbs will be stored as body fat—as will excessive amounts of any macronutrient.  True.  Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy, however; that makes it a double-edged sword.  When carbs are present—blood sugar from a recently-eaten meal, stored carbs (glycogen) in the liver, or glycogen in the muscle—can and will be used when there is an energy deficit.  Carbohydrate naysayers would say that when carbs are taken out of the diet, your body will use body fat sooner and in higher percentages.  Also true.  Case closed, right?  We should all stop eating carbs!  Not exactly.


When you eliminate carbs, you have the potential to slash your metabolism very quickly.  Studies show that a low-carb diet can decrease your metabolism by almost 50 % in just a couple of months.


The best way of understanding macronutrients is to ditch a view that one is better than another or that any of them is “bad.”  All three (protein, carbs, and fat) have necessary roles and all three can also be harmful in excess.  Using the right amount at the right time makes all the difference.


Now you know the definition of thermic potential.  It’s a linear equation—it takes a specific amount of energy to digest and assimilate the nutritional constituents of each macronutrient.  Recall the nuance that this can actually be a bit of a range.  The complexity of each macronutrient can change its thermic potential.  For example, two difference sources of carbohydrates can be at different ends of a range.  Two other points to consider are 1) the combination of macronutrients in the meal, and 2) the sheer size of the meal.  There are times of the day and circumstances you may want a meal with no carbohydrates, all carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, or simple carbs.   This is perhaps the greatest example of how you can use the right macronutrients, in the right amount, and at the right time to achieve your best results.



Consider this as a major point to the book:  protein does have the highest thermic potential, but carbs can have up to 30 % as well.  It’s important to target the right meals with the right macronutrients and ratios to fuel (heat loss) the best activity (functional metabolism).  In other words, it’s the merger of the thermic effect of food and activity (key point!) and using the calories eaten (efficiency).  Timing, timing, timing.  Function, function, function.  Less hunger, more energy, better results from training, higher overall met rate…booyah!

Love my job :-) Love my life

How many people can wake up each day saying they love their job?

Before I became part of The Diet Doc team I was in a stalemate with my own training and diet. I cannot stress how much they have helped me learn just how much bunkum there is out there in our industry and develop my own training to feel enthusiastic in the gym again. It's been such an incredible personal journey for me both personally and professionally and that is why I am so proud to be part of the team spreading their word hoping that I can make others feel as wonderful as I do.

Dr Joe (the founder of The Diet Doc) has recently been interviewed. This interview will give you some idea of how The Diet Doc came about and shows an insight into just how revolutionary Joe's principles were in not only the bodybuilding preparation area but expanding into the general diet field also. The company is expanding in a wonderful way as more and more people are realising that starvation and elimination diets are not necessary. I am just so proud to introduce the programme to the UK. So if ever you've struggled to lose weight or have the lost the weight to put it all back on in less time than it took to take off and perhaps even more besides The Diet Doc approach may be just what you're looking for. I offer free initial consultations so I can explain how it could help you and your struggles. 

Click on the following link to read Joe's interview.  Dr Joe's Interview


Quick update and a little rant

It's been an interesting week!

Great to see the first few The Diet Doc clients making great progress and getting to grips with the process. The feedback is incredible from each of them and it has really made them all aware of what they're eating and how wrong some of the previous diets are they have been doing. 

I've also had my first experience of a time waster. Someone who just did not have the courtesy and manners to inform me she could not make the appointment.

The Diet Doc programme requires dedication and commitment. Clearly not suitable for some ;-)


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