This morning I was shocked to read that 25% of children think that bread comes from animals!! This follows previous similar reports that 20% of children think chips grow in fields and some not even knowing where bacon comes from! These are basics. If children are not understanding simple things like that then how can we expect them to understand about nutritional value of food? There are also many adults who are totally oblivious to what they are eating. Whilst they may understand where the food comes from they are still unaware of the nutritional content and how to put together a simple balanced meal. In these cases it's no wonder todays kids are ignorant of the facts too! It's all so easy to throw a ready made meal into the oven or microwave but they are not the best choices for our nutritional demands in most cases. Interestingly I once had a customer who only ate ready made meals. She would go shopping on a Saturday afternoon, buy the food for the whole week and store all the meals in the freezer. I suggested she try just for one month to actually buy the ingredients and make her own dishes and then put them in the freezer as normal. Many of the meals were simple enough and didn't require particular cooking skills. Saturday afternoons became a cookathon between her and her husband. They actually started to really enjoy the cooking. In the first week alone she lost 6lbs and he lost 9!! Nothing changed in their diets other than good home cooking. Try it for yourselves for a month and see what you can do :-)