Oops, been a while since I updated.

Life has been busy but exciting. I have upgraded my studio which will soon be complete and I'll be in a position to offer even more variety in my personal training sessions. 

On a personal level my training for the upcoming competition in Miami is going well. I am further ahead at this stage than I've ever been during my preparation and I can already see the improvements I've made since I was last on stage. I know the next few weeks are going to be hard but in comparison to how I've prepared before this should be nothing to complain about.

As you will see from the title of this blog, I want to talk about a scam out there that has just affected someone I know. It's a company offering supplements on a free trial (you pay postage only) that you then have to cancel within 14 days or they will then charge you the full amount and continue to do so on a monthly basis. The products are BEYOND RASPBERRY KETONES and NUTRA GREEN COFFEE BEANS. I do believe there is a possibility of there being varitions on the product names so just beware of any "free" trials. There have even been reports of people taking up the free offer and cancelling in time for the company to still debit the accounts. We are also not just talking a few pounds, the amounts have been approx £80 per bottle of supplements!! Not only are you ripped off with the cost but you're also ripped off with a product that does not even have scientific evidence that it works and of course, anything that also claims "only effective as part of a weight loss and exercise programme" means it's not even that which is playing a role. Please guys, double check before you purchase anything off the net. If it sounds too good to be true.....it no doubt is!!