New Year. New start? How many times have you started a new diet? How many times do you go through the festive season thinking you’ll lose all the weight gained once the New Year starts? How many times have you given up pretty soon only to go through the same old cycle again and again and that’s after having a few more new starts during the year itself! Do you ever ask why do we do this to ourselves? Wouldn’t it be good if we learned a way to control our eating and yet still enjoy the foods we like without piling on the pounds?


I have seen so many comments on social media sites of people who are starting juice diets, getting ready to join a gym or even starting at the slimming club (for the third or fourth time in some cases!!). Far too many comments about people wanting “quick fixes”. The following is a quote from one lady which I think sums up pretty much how many people feel.


“I am not one of these people who want to come home from work and start peeling potatoes and chopping onions and putting in a pinch of this or a pinch of that. I want to come home, open oven, slam something in and 20 minutes later it is ready for eating.”


In general we don’t seem to care about ourselves enough anymore to invest a little time in our health and we want the results NOW! The problem with these quick fixes is they don’t lead to long term results and if anything they can make our weight gain much worse by slowing down our metabolism and we simply pile on more weight once we start to eat “normal” again.


If you have a weight issue you need to realise it’s not an illness that can simply be fixed but a chronic condition that needs long term attention and in most cases a life time solution. 


Don't look for a "diet" aim to eat healthy wthin your own personal limitations that you are able to sustain for the rest of your life. This doesn't mean never having chocolate or a glass of wine again or depriving yourself for that long that you end up gorging. Be sensible, don't be fooled. If those tablets really did work we wouldn't still be looking at the levels of obesity we have in the world!