I've just finished watching the Katie Hopkins "documentary" where she was being filmed putting on weight to show just how easy it is to lose it. Anyone not familiar with Katie, you need to be aware she's a very outspoken person and very much disliked by many. She hates fat people!! (her words not mine). 

It was clear from the offset that Katie has a very good metabolism. Increasing her calorific intake to over 4000 calories a day, she struggled to put on weight.....that would be a dream to many. In the end she was eating over 6000 to gain the weight for the experiment. I know for me if I ate that much that I would achieve that weight gain in a month let alone the 3 months she was aiming for. She then gave herself a further 3 months to lose it all again.

Unsurprisingly she found the extra weight a burden when she started to run again. She unscientifical showed by using some volunteers to join her on the journey that by eating less and moving more it is indeed possible to lose weight. However, on one of her health checks the Doctor advised her that she was losing muscle mass. Now this is the last thing we want to do when losing weight and often (but not solely) means the calories are too low, the macronutrients proportions are not corect (low carb diets for example) or we are over exercising. Losing muscle mass reduces your metabolic rate.

Katie had a good reason to lose this weight, she had a lot of motivation, she had a lot to prove. However, it's not that simple for everyone else. I feel she didn't touch on the psychological side enough. She certainly didn't cover anything about nutrition (not that she's qualified for it but surely they could have brought in an "expert") nor did she even discuss anything about exercise. It was a blunt point she was trying to prove, yes she did but she still left lots of gaping holes that doesn't really help those struggling.

One thing the programme got me wondering about was that regarding those who opt for surgery and the cost to the NHS. I think many go into surgery "blind" and don't realise they will have lots of loose hanging skin once they drop the fat. One lady on the show was quite happy about hers but I've known some be pretty emotional and wish they'd never lost the weight. Sadly after the surgery, you're on your own....no cosmetic surgery to lift up that tummy or remove the flaps under your arms. I wonder how many people would be more enthused to take on their own weight loss challenge if the incentive for cosmetic surgery was offered rather than the bariatric option? Would that work??