I posted this on my Facebook page but thought it would be worthwhile sharing on here as it explains about my experiences and why I got into doing what I do!!



We live in a world where everyone thinks they're right, thinks their way of doing things is the right way and they consider that because they're successful in what they do that everyone should be able to follow suit.

The diet industry is exactly the same. Surely if these commercial diet clubs were the solution we would be seeing less of the growing weight issues but we aren't. These "cookie cutter" diets don't consider people as individuals with their own individual needs.

Even within the bodybuilding industry there are many opinions on how to gain that stage condition. Zero carbs, high carbs, fish and rice cakes, high fats, low fats, fasted cardio, lots of cardio, high intensity cardio.

I've tried out many diets and funnily enough never had weight issue until I first dieted! And that was for a show in my 20s when all I ate was 2oz cod, a small baked potato with salad for 3 meals and that was it!! Thank goodness the sport has progressed!!

I stopped competing for 15 years and this is when my serious weight problems started. I resorted to a diet club. It worked but it didn't teach me anything......eat all you want as long as it's on a green page.....where on earth is the portion control lesson in that!? It's now clear to me that this method works because it limited the fat you could have and limited the "processed" type of food that is usually loaded in calories whether from carbs or fats and "treats" were limited. However, this form of dieting only took me to a certain point....I never got to my "goal". Thank heavens I started weight training again.

However, the severe diets I've followed since being in my 40s in order to compete left me with immense lack of will power in between shows......I know some people have great willpower/self control and preach about that's all it takes but I don't think unless you have lived the life of the person you are "preaching" to, you can't totally understand the psychology of what's going on. I've fluctuated 4 stones between shows which then meant a more restricted diet the next time round. To say I entered this world of bodybuilding to get in shape, it actually left me in a much worse state than before. I certainly don't blame the guys who helped and supported me through all this, without them I couldn't have done it but once they slackened the leash.....I was off!!

I wanted to compete again last year and knew I needed to find a better way. I'd heard all this talk about flexible dieting. A quick search led me to Joe Klemczewski. He was the guy who first got Layne Norton onto the stage. I just had to see if he would be prepared to help me......he was and I never looked back.

Since being guided by Joe and his business partner Kori I've learned heaps about dieting, thought I knew a lot before but I was missing the vital links. I know super high carbs don't work for me but I dieted on higher carbs than I'd ever done before and believe it or not with less cardio and certainly no fasted cardio every morning. In fact it was quite nice lying in bed reading all the posts on FB from my iPad about those up and about at 5am and sometimes earlier getting their stuff done. I am now 6 months out from my last show and still just 2 sizes up rather than 5 and maintaining this with relative ease.

I now appreciate that you can lose weight for general purposes or competing without having to "suffer". You don't need to cut carbs, (and let's face it, we all love carbs) but you need to find the perfect balance for you. 

Having been "taught" by the man who I consider to be one of, if not the best in the industry, I signed up to work in Joe's team and have been helping people lose weight quite successfully since. I love what I am doing so much I recently decided to extend my contract to competition preparation, working with Team K. I feel I need to spread his method for those like me who fluctuate too much between shows, for those who suffer endless hours of cardio, or for those who hate having to eat nothing but fish and rice etc.

It's all about FLEXIBILITY not rigidity.

So if you or someone you know like I've described above, or someone who just generally wants to lose weight. Please put them in touch with me on dawn@thedietdoc.com

Edit: I'm quite happy to do online consultations (it worked well enough for me) but you must be good at communicating frequently smile emoticon