My Personal Training sessions are the most full they have ever been! I realised I was not marketing my strengths as a PT. I thought if I pushed weight training too much I'd be frightening off a lot of my customer base. However, since I have started to push that side of things a little more I seem to have attracted even more people! I am not aware of any other female PT in my area that can claim to have the same length of experience as myself in weight training as well as reaching the levels of competition that I have achieved. And much as I hate to admit this but I think my age can also be an advantage as I understand the weight issues as we get a little older and the hormonal battles women can face!

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't expect anyone to be powerlifting or Olympic lifting but I do help my customers to empower their own strength and build up their weak areas. As we grow older our muscles deplete, so gaining as much as we can before we get too old can certainly slow down that maturing effect and help keep us looking more who can argue with that? Women in particular don't like the thought of having muscles yet they want to have "toned" legs and arms. Well, guess what? The "toning" is what happens when the muscles develop and the fat reduces.....if you have "bingo wings" but slender arms, that's because you haven't got the muscle development beneath the skin! The only way that is going to happen is by lifting weights! My current ladies all love the shape they can now see developing in their arms and shoulders and love having less "wobble"....

Not only do I help my customers empower their strength but the diet programme I offer will also help them empower their eating! The Diet Doc programme actually helps people become more aware of their own nutritional journey through one on one caoching by myself and online information files from MP3 clips, video clips and PDF files. You've heard the saying "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" well we remove the danger! Once you have followed our process you will realise that you can't "get shredded in 12 days" and all those other messages out there to lure those desperate to lose weight. Our process will equip you with the knowledge, the tools and the "power" to keep this weight off for the rest of your life. As a The Diet Doc clinician I also have the backing of the founder of the diet Dr Joe who has over 20 years experience in the diet industry and we also have, a Mental Health Counseller, a medical Doctor, a registered Dietitian to hand. Not many Personal Trainers (if any) can offer you that full support.

So what are you, waiting for? Every day you delay is a day further away from living your best life. You've nothing to lose. Drop me a line and see what I can do for you.