Just a reminder that the \\\"50 Days to Your Best Life\\\" workshops start next week. The course of workshops is over 8 weeks and costs just £25 a week. This is a fabulous opportunity to experience the Diet Doc Programme developed by Dr Joe Klemczewski.

The starting date is Wednesday 9th March at 1.30 pm and will continue on a weekly basis at the same time with the exception of 30th March (Easter week) for a total of 8 weeks with the final date being 4th May.

The funfilled workshops will offer a condensed version of The Diet Doc programme (www.thedietdoc.com) and whilst there will be some interaction required from yourself I will aim to show you how to become your own private diet coach for life meaning you\\\'ll never follow another \\\"diet\\\" ever again!

If any of the following apply to you then these workshops could be just what you need. 

  • Tried “every” diet imaginable and still struggle to lose weight
  • Believe you shouldn’t eat after 6pm (or other time)
  • Believe you need to cut out carbs to lose weight
  • Eat “healthy” but still can’t lose weigh
  • Believe you shouldn’t eat fruit because of the sugar content
  • Think your metabolism is too slow

During the workshops we will :

  • Dispel many myths about losing weight
  • Provide you with “tools and techniques” to see where exactly you need to improve your diet
  • Show you how to continue to eat the foods you enjoy and lose weight
  • Teach you some simple tricks into improving and maximising your metabolism
  • Teach you how to be flexible and not restricted with your diet
  • Show you how to use your weight as a factor rather than an emotional trigger
  • Provide an insight into how your emotions and environment can affect your food choices

Get a free copy of our latest publication \\\"50 Days to Your Best Life\\\". 

Limited places are available to allow greater interaction between the attendees and myself.

If you can\\\'t make the stated time but would like to attend another workshop to suit your availability then just let me know when and I will do my best to accomodate your needs.

If you would like more information about this event please contact me. Or buy your tickets HERE