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The Diet Doc has landed!!

Well, not literally and I have been around for sometime but I'm referring to the fact my official The Diet Doc launch presentation is now done and dusted. Little did I realise that when I booked the venue that it would clash with the first match of the World Cup. Fortunately I was planning on finishing an hour before kick off but with the added fact that the day turned out to be as hot as it did I suspect a few BBQs were to be had! I was still delighted with the turn out and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. So nice to see previous and current PT customers and to be able to welcome new ones for both The Diet Doc and PT!!

For anyone not familiar with The Diet Doc. It is a whole bespoke diet service and we are unique compared to other diet companies you may have heard of. All diets are designed based on the individual basis taking into account your goals, lifestyle, past and present as well as your own stats. We have an excellent support service with the first two weeks being daily and at least once a week from then on. Everyone is individual and the level of contact they need will vary, there’s no extra cost for those who need a little more guidance. We work on the basis that we teach the basics of nutrition and a tracking process so you can record your own reaction to the food you consume. We encourage our participants to make the decisions in the design of their diet as you know your lifestyle and preference better than anyone and we will make recommendations how you can improve on what you’re doing to maximise your metabolism. There are no supplements, shakes or meal replacements to buy, the diet is based on the foods you normally eat and we do not ban any food groups. I have an excellent support network in America I can call on at no extra cost if we need further input beyond my own experience and knowledge (for example, I’m not medically qualified and should we need advice on a medical front we do have a Doctor on the team). I personally feel that a programme of this nature is what has been missing from the UK weight loss industry. I am happy to offer a free consultation for anyone who wishes to learn how our programme can help them so what are you waiting me, you've nothing to lose :-)

Are you struggling to lose weight?

I've had a great response to my free presentation tomorrow (7-8pm Bolton Whites Hotel, Horwich). We can squeeze more in though if you still fancy coming along. If you've done many diets and still struggle to lose weight you might just learn why. I will also explain how The Diet Doc programme aims to overcome these issues. There's no obligation to sign up to anything. Just contact me through my contact me page and I'll reserve you a seat.

Getting support from your partner

Before I direct you to the answer just to let you know that I have had a great response to my free presentation on Thursday but there are still some places left if you wish to join us. Details are in previous blogs or just contact me for more information. 


Do any of you feel your other half is not offering you the support when you want to improve your diet or lifestyle. Have a listen to what Kori has to suggest, such a simple solution that might just work for you.



Launch week has arrived!

This upcoming week sees the official launch of The Diet Doc into the UK. If you want to learn more then please come to my free presentation on Thursday at the Bolton Whites Hotel in Horwich. Seats are limited so please contact me to book a place ( I've had a great response so far but still have a few seats available.

If you can't make my presentation but would be interested to learn more do get in touch. I am happy to offer free consultations to explain how our programme can be of benefit to you.

if you are the organiser of any public (or private) events looking for people to talk and feel a presentation from myself would be of interest then please do let me know. 

Wish me luck guys. It's been a looonnngggg time since I stood up in public to speak.

Are diet sodas really better for us than regular?

Diet drinks versus regular drinks...... Click Here

Another New Week

What a wonderful sunny weekend that was. So the countdown begins before The Diet Doc is officially launched. 3 weeks on Thursday to my free UK launch presentation at Bolton Whites. Please contact me if you would like to attend, there are limited seats available. If you can't make it but would like to chat more about the programme and how it can help you please get in touch for a free consultation.

It's also 24 weeks before I hit the stage again. I've been following The Diet Doc principles for sometime now and I'm already in advance of my preparation for previous shows. If I wasn't planning on hitting the stage I'd be more than happy where I'm sitting with myself but I still have some way to go to be competition ready. The mind can also play evil tricks on you during the process but with the team I have supporting me from The Diet Doc HQ they will no doubt be there for me when that time arises. Don't forget to mail me if you have any questions you'd like me to answer, whether it be about personal training, The Diet Doc or a personal question about my competition journey. Take care and have a great week :-) x

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there :-)

This is a new addition to my site and I hope to be able to use it to keep you updated of any events that I will be holding for The Diet Doc. I might also bore you with details of how I'm getting on in preparation for my next competition in November in Miami!! And I might even have a jolly good rant about some of the ridiculous things I see and hear about in the Fitness and Diet industry. If you have any questions about anything I post please feel free to email me. Any that I think are worth publishing will be answered in a later blog.

In the meantime my first event to launch The Diet Doc is on the 12th June 7pm-8pm at Bolton Whites Hotel in Horwich (attached to Bolton Wanderers football stadium). I will be giving a FREE presentation "Why Diets Make Us Fat". Places are limited so if you would like a seat reserving please contact me as soon as possible. I will be holding a free prize draw for an MP3 file "Stopping the Yo-Yo: Key Factors Differentiating Weight Maintainers from Weight Regainers" from The Diet Doc Wellness Director Kori Propst (Licensed in Clinical Mental Health Counselling and much more)

You can contact me through the "contact me" page on my website.



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