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The Diet Doc has landed!!

Well, not literally and I have been around for sometime but I'm referring to the fact my official The Diet Doc launch presentation is now done and dusted. Little did I realise that when I booked the venue that it would clash with the first match of the World Cup. Fortunately I was planning on finishing an hour before kick off but with the added fact that the day turned out to be as hot as it did I suspect a few BBQs were to be had! I was still delighted with the turn out and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. So nice to see previous and current PT customers and to be able to welcome new ones for both The Diet Doc and PT!!

For anyone not familiar with The Diet Doc. It is a whole bespoke diet service and we are unique compared to other diet companies you may have heard of. All diets are designed based on the individual basis taking into account your goals, lifestyle, past and present as well as your own stats. We have an excellent support service with the first two weeks being daily and at least once a week from then on. Everyone is individual and the level of contact they need will vary, there’s no extra cost for those who need a little more guidance. We work on the basis that we teach the basics of nutrition and a tracking process so you can record your own reaction to the food you consume. We encourage our participants to make the decisions in the design of their diet as you know your lifestyle and preference better than anyone and we will make recommendations how you can improve on what you’re doing to maximise your metabolism. There are no supplements, shakes or meal replacements to buy, the diet is based on the foods you normally eat and we do not ban any food groups. I have an excellent support network in America I can call on at no extra cost if we need further input beyond my own experience and knowledge (for example, I’m not medically qualified and should we need advice on a medical front we do have a Doctor on the team). I personally feel that a programme of this nature is what has been missing from the UK weight loss industry. I am happy to offer a free consultation for anyone who wishes to learn how our programme can help them so what are you waiting me, you've nothing to lose :-)

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