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Having a bit of a rant (again)!

Most of us know about the scams going round. Many of them via email saying you need to log into your bank account immediately because there has been some suspicious activity etc. The usual one which makes me laugh is someone tells you that you have inherited millions of dollars and all you have to do is give your bank details to get the money transferred.

The Diet industry is wide open to the biggest scams as they play on our utmost desire to lose weight to be trim and healthy. I've seen today one of the raspberry ketones/coffee bean websites proclaiming you can lose over 2 stone in just 4 weeks? I mean come on people, do you REALLY believe this?? Do you SERIOUSLY not think such products would be snapped up by the medical profession to finally rid the world of the obesity crisis?? The next time you see such a website have a look at the testimonials. On this particular site that I'm referring to, there is a tweet with a photo saying "Lost 3.0 stone in 6 weeks! Let's hit the beaches. #bikinitime #RaspberryKetonesWorks" I decided to look this person up on Twitter.....yes, the account exists but there are NO tweets, NO photos. Clearly a misleading and inaccurate testimonial.

So the next time someone offers you a quick fix, a try for free offer, think twice. The sooner you start on a scientifically proven weight loss plan the sooner your weight will fall and if that programme is sustainable then you will maintain that loss for life.

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