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Grab our offer while you can. 50% introductory discount!

 Do you run out of fingers and toes when you count the number of different diets you have tried?We at The Diet Doc have a unique programme “The 50 day system” that will ensure you will never need to “diet” again.The 50 day system will empower you with the knowledge to reach your goals and maintain them for life. We provide not only one on one coaching but weekly online facilities in the form of MP3 files, articles and video clips as well as a comprehensive guide to exercise in the form of easy to follow video clips with embedded written instructions. To help spread the word and show the world how successful this programme can be, we are offering a one off opportunity of an introductory 50% discount until the 10th March.It’s time to forget the diets that just tell you what to eat until you're bored….bite the bullet and learn for yourself to take charge of your life for good!!If you are local to me and want a free consultation or simply want to know more details, please feel free to PM me or mail me direct at dawn@thedietdoc.comAlternatively, if you are ready to sign up, register on the website and let me know so that I can be assigned your personal coach. 



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