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A little update

As you can probably gather I'm not the worlds best at keeping this blog up dated!! I would say I'll make sure I post regularly but no doubt I will slip back into bi-annual updates again!

In an attempt to expand on the general population side of The Diet Doc, I am looking at introducing an 8 week long workshop offering a condensed version of our programme in a small group setting (6 people). The plan is to help you critically analyse your own diets and show you how to manipulate your food to maximise your weight loss whilst still eating the foods you enjoy. The first workshop will start in March and if you'd like to be a part of it please contact me for more information.

Since my last blog I have also expanded my dietary services with The Diet Doc and now offer bodybuilding competition preparation. Most of my contacts on social media are "bodybuilders" so I decided I wanted to help spread the word about the process used by myself under the guidance of Joe Klemczewski. I am now a "Peakologist" as we are called on the team and have as much help and guidance as we need from Dr Joe in helping our customers achieve their best condition. So not only do you get myself as a regular contact you also have the reassurance that Dr Joe and his 20+ years experience are looking after your best interests and helping you keep your preparation as stress free as possible.


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